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SBD Deadlift Socks 2021

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Knitted in the UK, each of our socks is a bespoke product designed
with strength training in mind, from form to function. Feedback
from athletes and customers have helped us to improve on previous
designs, while also increasing the sizing range up to 2XL.

  • Superior Quality
  • Premium Materials
  • Stringent Testing
  • Made in GB

Deadlift socks

  •  Increased lateral Stretch in the calf
  • Double-knit front panel To protect the shin
  • Tight-knit to minimise drag
  • Cooling mesh venting
  • Padded sole, elasticated Foot and heel for comfort
  • Ribbed sole for traction Within the shoe



    Q How should you clean and care for the socks?

    A We recommend washing the socks in warm water at a maximum

    of 40C (104F), this will ensure that longevity of the material and

    prevent the socks from shrinking, and it will also protect the

    external and internal materials in the socks. Machine drying the

    socks should be avoided, as this will shorten the lifespan of the

    product, as the heat can affect the material of the socks.


    Q What is the warranty on this product?

    A We provide a 12 month warranty period against production

    defects on this product. Although we expect our products to last a

    significant amount of time, we would expect that in the rare event

    that a production defect is missed by our quality control, then

    it would be apparent to the customer within this period. Issues

    outside of this period are typically attributable to wear and tear.


    Q Will further colours be available?

    A Yes, and these will be included in future limited edition releases.

    We would welcome any feedback you might have from customers

    on styles that could be popular.


    Q How does the sizing compare to the existing socks?

    A Sizing is comparable across the socks, with the exception of

    greater lateral stretch in the calf of the deadlift socks, which

    makes them more accommodating for larger calves.



    Small Medium Large  XLarge 2XLarge
    UK <5 4 - 8 7 - 11 10 - 15 13+
    US <6 5 - 9 8 - 12 11 - 16 14+
    EU <38 37 - 42 40 - 46 44 - 49 48+


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Anthony Zhedrick Ramil
    sbd socks

    it's good and also makes putting knee sleeves easier

    richky lim

    excellent socks

    Allister Laurent

    SBD Deadlift Socks 2021

    Let us do the heavy lifting this time and find what you're looking for =)